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The bear method is a combination of country strong training and science.  The Bear Method was created by world class athlete strength and conditioning coach, Barry Heyden.



It blends old school principles of studying the physical and mental attributes of an athlete with customs of indigenous people from many nations of the world.  The bear method is strength, health and fitness before there were weightrooms. The bear method is about eating healthy, equivalent to the time before there were nutritionists and thousands of nutrition books.  


Blessed with a given ability to apply common sense principles to the human body and combining it with sports science, Barry “Bear” Heyden has helped people, and various teams from all walks of life.  He uses his method to prevent and recover from injury, restore physical condition and perform at higher levels.  Barry's philosophy has evolved into the bear method.  The bear method involves using highly scientific principles and equipment to maximize movement, while doing so in a safe manner.  The Bear Method has been created to be an instrument of sports performance training, recovery, and conditioning for athletes and general fitness clients.  Barry Heyden has created proven and customized training programs which improve speed, strength, conditioning and overall athletic performance. He brings his many years of proven positive outcomes to educating and training his staff and clients in implementing custom programs to achieve optimal proven results. 


Barry “Bear” Heyden has taken it upon himself to remain humble, eager and open-minded to listen, observe, learn and grow while traveling the world.   Barry is always looking to experiment and try new training modalities or techniques before sharing it with others.  When a client is in need of a training solution, Barry has a team of doctors, therapists and other trainers willing to help find a solution, resulting in a great outcome.



"The Bear Method" involves using an Integrated Training uses many different components to fitness training and conditioning.


Weight Management – Focus is on decreasing body fat while increasing muscle tissue to aid in improved agility, mobility, increased metabolic rate, and having less non-essential weight to transport in life and sport.


Nutrition – Key ingredient to the body’s recovery after exercise depends on having sound nutrition. Weight cannot be managed without having proper nutrition. Prevents fatigue and strengthens the body’s recovery and prevent systems.


Flexibility – Allows the body to have full and efficient range of motion of the joints, limbs, head, and spine during movement in life and sport.


Endurance – The body’s ability to have sustained energy and handle long duration of exertion placed upon it throughout the day, season and life. Improves circulation and increases metabolism.


Strength – The ability to move body mass and outside mass placed upon it controlled and powerfully using the muscles of the body in a balanced and bio-mechanically efficient manner and than decelerate it once the movement is completed. Strength training increases muscle mass, bone density and metabolism.


Recovery – The bodies ability to bounce back from the demands of exercise, injuries, sports and life through massage, hydration, nutrition, and following a correctly managed fitness and conditioning program.


Speed/Power – The ability to move the body or object from Point A to Point B and possibly back to A or C in the shortest amount of time possible and in a mechanically correct and energy efficient manner.



To accomplish the above The Bear Method uses:


  1. Endurance Cardio activity

  2. IMX Pilates – Integrated movement exercise

  3. Yoga for breath control, balance and flexibility.

  4. Balance training – for stability and inner core development

  5. Strength and Power Training – uses free weights, med balls, human body, and machines.

  6. Speed/ Agility/1st Step Quickness – Drills to improve vital aspects of speed. Increased Motor neural firing to muscles, improved bio-mechanics, and increased stride length with the ability to decelerate safely and efficiently to do it again.

  7. Injury Prevention – having a balanced aligned body. A bicycle with a bent frame or tire will not move as well as a car with a bent frame or axle.  Strutural alligment of the framework (skeleton) and finding and addressing non complient(weak, tired and tight) muscles.  Many times the symptom is not the problem. 

  8. Flexibility – uses PNF and manual active release stretching methods proven to instantly improve flexibility and address muscle imbalances.

  9. ALTER G Treadmill

  10. Blood Flow Moderation Techinique to improve health, fitness and performance.

  11. High Altitude training with purified air.

  12. Sport Specific and Life movement with correct bio-mechanics


Barry's chief goal IS to SAFELY bring out the very best that lies within each human:

Evaluate, Test, Train and Educate using a blend of Country strength and sport science.



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