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Professional Major League

Hitting and Throwing Instruction

Learn how to Hit, Throw and Train with a former Major League Strength Coach, Barry Heyden.


From taking the NY Mets to the World Series in 2000, to spear-heading the Hospital for Special Surgery Sports and Human Performance Center to running The Bear Method Performance Center, Barry Heyden is a world class personal trainer and motivational teacher.


  • Learn the correct biomechanics and develop the solid habits of a great malor league baseball hitter.  These add in improving the hitting skill of the ball player, so the player can increase batting average, power and confidence.


  • Develop the strength to swing correctly and reduce injuries.


Barry Heyden has spent his career and life in baseball, from the little leagues to the major leagues.  Receiving his education in Exercise Science, and Biomechanics at the University of Pittsburgh, playing baseball in Florida and working in the Minor and Major leagues with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, New York Mets and Japan Chiba Lotte Marines, Barry has been exposed to many of the great hitters, throwers and coaches in the game.

Barry Heyden will lead throwing programs geared towards developing good throwing mechanics, physical training, periodization and scheduled throwing dates to prevent injuries.  Barry teaches his students how to use the whole body and gravity to throw for more control, power, speed and most importantly reduce the chance of  injury.

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