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I have worked with dozens of trainers/strength and conditioning coaches over the past 10 years, none however, rival Barry's ability to motivate his athletes. Barry's technique of training with an emphasis on nutrition and constant stretching is second to none. In six weeks I was put through very challenging workouts but came out in the best physical and mental shape of my life and could not have done it without Barry. -Rob Fondu (Furman College Baseball)


"I have been around, trained, tested and have spoken to some of the strongest athletes in sports.  Many were the strongest and never worked out in the weight room.  They completed manual labor, farm work, construction, delivered ice blocks, moved furniture, etc.  Back in the day before large salaries, pro athletes had to work hard labor jobs in the off-season."


A key ingredient to the body’s recovery after exercise depends on having sound nutrition. Weight cannot be managed without having proper nutrition. Proper nutrition prevents fatigue and strengthens the body’s recovery systems.  We can help you revamp your nutrition habits for optimal performance.


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